Thursday, March 30, 2017

Who Cares

It is hard to sit here and post happy thoughts about today (and I do want to because it was a beautiful day) because I am thinking of the rest of the world with its horrific living conditions, starving children, little or no food, dirty drinking water, wars, turmoil, disease and terrorism.   How is it that we still have more than half of the world experiencing these atrocities while the rest of the world does not?  Why is it we have a UN that is supposed to be helping in these matters when all I see is little to no help from this global behemoth of a body being extended to this planet's poorest shreds of humanity?  You would think with all the participants from every part of the world in this global body that their main priority and their money (in the millions - probably billions) would be first and foremost to help the human beings who are in dire need but I see very little that anyone or any serious money is being directed in order to help. 

The lack of caring and concern for others on this planet is on a scale that is hard to stomach.  There are good people everywhere who are doing the best they can with what they've got, in order to help others, but it is very apparent that much more help is needed.   

I just recently helped one young girl in Honduras, am presently supporting one child overseas and plan to take on another.  I am setting up a monthly contribution to St. Jude's Children's Hospital as I have seen what a wonderful organization this is and how much it is doing to help children with cancer.  My heart aches for the children and their families and some of these children are only one year old.   

You would think that, by now, with all the money being invested in research, we would have come up with a cure for cancer. 

Each day I wake up and ask G-d, "what can I do for You today?"  as each day is a gift from the Creator to us to be cherished, are lucky enough to be born where you can enjoy it.  Half of the world doesn't care about another beautiful day to be cherished, they just wake up (if they're lucky) hoping to just survive it. 

When will things change on this planet for Mankind?

What will it take for things to change on this planet?

I am doing all I can to make a difference.

I cannot go to my grave knowing that I did nothing to help others in need while I was here.