Friday, March 24, 2017

En Courage Ment

You've heard the saying, "Don't Give Up."  But, in reality, that's what's facing you now as you're all used up, you've given your all and there is nothing more of you to give.  Did you receive any help, any words of encouragement along the way, like "you're doing a fine job" or, "is there anything I can do to help?" or were you just hung out to dry?  Maybe a word of encouragement could have made all the difference as to whether you finished your project or threw up your hands and just walked away.  Words are inherent to our well being and are instrumental to our progress in life.  Negatively charged words can maim, hurt and in some instances, kill.  Positive words motivate, encourage, energize and, in some instances, can even heal.  What type of family were you brought up in?  One where there was only criticism and no praise?    What type of person will result from a family who only sees someone's faults vs. a family that looks past your faults and focuses on your strengths and abilities?  We will either have a well-adjusted, happy and inspired individual or one who brings his childhood baggage with him, winding up being an intolerant boss or an authoritative figure continuing to act out his or her past in a vengeful, hurtful and harmful manner. 

We all have value.  Everything on this planet has value.  We are here for a brief time whether it be an animal, a tree leaf, an ant or a human being. 

We all are an invaluable part of a much larger picture, a universal interconnectedness.  We are beyond priceless, incalculable and of inestimable worth.    

Now go out there and shine.