Wednesday, March 22, 2017


     Yesterday the temp was 83 degrees; today it's 60 with a cold, blustery wind.  Yeah there's some possibly severe weather coming in on Friday (a front) as the NWS has talked about this for several days which I find curious as they started informing us about 5 days ago.  Interesting because I've never seen them making so many references to severe weather and doing so so many days in advance.  The sunrise this morning was breath taking with the top of the sun peeking out from the top of the clouds as lavender, pink and gold rays spread across the sky.  The wind chimes were singing in unison.  I got the feeling that they knew something and couldn't contain their excitement.  Yes, I know the wind was blowing but still, I sensed that they were excited about something.  --Something's coming and it's just a breath away.  We're on the cusp of an extraordinary event and one can sense it even if one cannot see it.    Even the wind chimes know it.