Wednesday, March 22, 2017


As this day wears on I'm aware that I'm experiencing anxiousness. 

>It's one step forward and two steps backward.  My focus is off as I start to do something and then stop.

I've been down this road before and, no, it's not some type of mental problem.  It's just my sixth sense kicking in.

The last time I felt like this is when I experienced something spiritually unpleasant.  I did a blog post about this some time back. 

When I feel like this it is a "heads up" that something is coming into being (coalescing).  I just can't pinpoint exactly what it will be.       

Some indications could be an earth event (volcanic eruption(s), earthquake(s), outbreak of tornadoes) or an attack of some sort, etc.--We just had one in London.

You get the drift.

*Heads up and stay close*.