Sunday, October 4, 2015

Blight of Ignorance

I've come to the sad conclusion that we aren't human at all but some deviant offshoot of an alien experiment that showed so much promise in the beginning, but went horribly wrong.

They're now figuring out how to fix their error.

There is no other explanation for why we continue to blow each other up, molest and rape, torture and maim, and abuse one another.  

What is it going to take to wake us up?

What is it going to take to bring us to our knees, in submission to a much Higher Authority?

What is it going to take to turn things around down here?

The belief is that we were created with Free Will by a Higher Authority--the right to make our own decisions--the right to pick and choose--the right to act in accordance with a set of laws (or not) that were designed for our own well-being and benefit.

But all through the ages we have chosen to do otherwise and therefore sowed and reaped a disastrous but well deserved, blighted harvest.

Laws are foundations.

Life is a foundation with inexorable dos and don'ts; repercussions and consequences.

We do things the right way and no problem but once we turn our back on wisdom, finding ourselves standing at the door of our own egos and step over our arrogant threshold into the vast unknown, with no safety harness, chances are we will be filled with remorse and regret.

We have foundations because they keep things in place and together.

Earth is a foundation--it has gravity so we don't fly off into the unknown and is terrafirma--we walk on it everyday.

Foundations are the basis for things.

Houses have foundations so they don't fall down.

Governments have foundations (so they don't fall down, either) --a set of principles to work by and live by.

Marriage is a foundation--a commitment to one another and the offspring that result.

Religion is a foundation--a belief in something higher than us that gives us hope and helps with problems as we make our way through life.

Parents are a foundation.

Family is a foundation.

When we let these foundations crumble, when we pervert them so they no longer look like the original or do away with them entirely, we are in trouble.

The Ancients knew this as they dealt with the very same things we're dealing with and warned us about them.  

The trouble is we're ignoring their warnings as we're just way too smart for them.

We have all the answers.  

Well I'm here to tell you we do not.

When you didn't listen to your parents warning but went out and did it anyway, what was the end result?

You experienced pain and remorse (hopefully) as you reaped the reward of your decision.

You learned your lesson the hard way.

Hopefully, you learned something from that lesson that carried you forward in life.

Maybe you were able to take that painful lesson and turn someone else around before they went out and did the very same thing.

Humility is not one of humanity's stronger points.

I see no humility in our leaders.

I see no humility in the way government operates, nor the way we treat one another.

It's easier and, we're finding out, more profitable, to abort a baby than take responsibility for the life that was created.

It's easier to ignore those who sacrificed for us, to just let our veterans waste away and die because they don't count so we'll just give them a rousing send off and a thank you for their service by letting them waste away and die in a stinking hell hole known as the Veterans Administration.

I only see repetition of things that are harmful and hateful down here, things that were proven long ago not to work.

And our refusal to acknowledge this dire situation we have created and perpetuated is only growing worse.  

Our continued refusal to take advice from others and learn from those who have gone before us, our inexcusable actions that continue to adversely affect us all surely have caught the attention of those overseeing our well being and spiritual growth.

We're like the kid that refuses to listen, who continually ignores his parents not to do something (because they know full well what will happen to him) but we turn a deaf ear and bolt out of the house in anger.

We're going to do it our way.  Screw you.

But, who are we really screwing?--ourselves.

Well, guess what, our decision didn't work.  

Were we lucky enough that our ill-fated decision didn't cost us our way of life or an arm or a leg?

It's too soon to tell but it certainly isn't looking very good.

It's not that I didn't warn you...