Sunday, October 25, 2015

Eyes in the Skies

This afternoon I fell into a malaise; you know, the feeling that you're coming down with something.

I hate it when I feel like this.  You're neither here nor there but are somewhere in between.

You feel like crap and all you can do is go to bed.

Then you wake up to the sun setting, its rays radiating off a myriad of clouds in several shades of somber creamy yellow. Think of scrambled eggs, in a fry pan, saturated in butter, a creamy white and yellow.

After awhile you determine that this sunset has a disorder, a discordant and diseased look to it.

At first you found it beautiful but upon further reflection, now you've determined you don't want to look at it anymore as it's making you uneasy.        

Then you remember that when driving home late this afternoon you saw an enormous flock of birds flying high overhead.  There had to be hundreds of them.

You look up and out your windshield and see an enormous swarm of vultures flying from the north to the south.

They keep coming in droves flying high overhead.  You've never seen anything like this before and wonder what is driving them, what caused them to gather up and fly together in such numbers?

Vultures are scavengers, nature's clean up crew, and they do have their place in the world.

They appear when a meal is left out in the open too long and you'll usually see three or four but not swarms of hundreds, as I saw today.

Being observant is a good thing.  If you're good at it, you will see many things others do not.

To Primal Man this was a most important aspect and one that on many occasion, undoubtedly saved his life.

Today, Modern Human has lost this faculty of observation as he is too busy with other things.

Yet, it is still there and waiting to be rediscovered.

It might be a good idea to hone up on this skill as I believe we're not that far off from where we started.

Primal Man vs. Modern Human - We're not that much different although I do think that Primal Man may have taken his role in life a bit more seriously than we do now.

His very life depended on it.

Q:  If something is determined to be good, why is it attacked?  If something is determined to be evil why is it tolerated?