Wednesday, October 7, 2015

That Still, Small Voice

There are unseen forces that shape our world.

They are all around us.

They sometimes intervene in our lives in extraordinary ways.

They can manifest themselves as anger and sadness, sorrow and loss, happiness and joy, love and hope, anxiety, excitement.    

This morning, around 2:30 a.m. I was awakened by a noise.    

I sat up, turning my head to zero in on it.

I heard it again.

It reminded me of a little animal that had been left outside too long.

It was an almost inaudible soft wail, haunting and sorrowful, almost grieving in, a way.

"Someone, please come out and pick me up."  I need some cuddling.

Someone, "please say goodbye."

I thought, "maybe a cat or a dog that had wandered into my yard?  

I heard the sound again and knew that if it didn't stop I would have to go out and investigate.

The cows on the hill were making all kinds of noise.  

Probably because the farmer had weaned off their calves.  

Curious, though, I heard the sound of the raucous cattle long after I had heard the sound of the animal.

Even though it was hard to hear, this still, small voice managed to come through loud and clear to me as it was definitely layering itself above and on top of the other noises.

It was like hovering, floating just above them.  

It was coming through on its own mindful wavelength.

Upon further investigation, the next morning, I never did find any animal so I never knew what had made the sound.

Yet, I clearly and distinctly heard it.

I remember the feeling like something was going away, there was some kind of loss taking place, maybe a momentary transition as if a soul was leaving this earthly plane, on its way to its final destination.

It just wanted to say "goodbye."

We are all connected in this world.

And, you never know when things are going to happen to reinforce that timeless message.

We are, each and every one of us, on a journey together.

As Ellen DeGeneres says, "Be Kind to One Another."

No matter our frames be covered with a fabric of human skin or we choose to wear a fur coat.