Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ghouls Night Out

Stay with me awhile
I'm sure to make you smile
Please close the door
And remove your hat
Don’t mind the cat
Don’t mind the bat
Sit by my fire
And warm your bones
Don’t mind the dust
Don’t mind the gnomes
Just sink your teeth
     Into pumpkin scones
The warmth of your body
Is all that I need 
Warm blood to Me  
Sweet nectar of Meade
I've been so cold and hungry
And oh, so all alone
I've stayed up nights just waiting
For someone to call home
Relax now, sip your tea
Pretty soon you will agree
That it tastes damned good
As well it should
It’s Eye of gnat
And hair of dog
Mixed with fiery Dragon’s pee
Once you imbibe, unable to hide
It's then you have to agree
You’ve been caught in my trap
Too late to say, “Crap”!
As you won’t be able to flee
It’s just what I planned
A plan of grand stand
And a big, Ha Ha, Hee Hee!
The joke’s on you
Can’t blame it on Me  
For, you're the one who sipped the tea
And all because of Halloween!

And a Merry Meet to Thee!