Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Morphing into Breakdown

I contend that someone running for President has to be honest and open, at a much higher level, way above any and all those who will vote for him or her.    

Not someone who lies his or her way into office.

It is noble to think that all Americans will act accordingly when the time comes, taking it upon themselves to become staunch defenders of Liberty educating themselves and others as to the perils that any nation faces if the warning signs are clearly visible.

Who will take up the banner of freedom and share their knowledge with as many people as possible as to the greatness of a nation, the underpinnings that made her so, the sacrifices by the few on behalf of the many.

I believe this to be a sacred duty not born by one but by all.

Alas, the sad truth is we already have many who live here who could care less about this country and where she's headed and millions more coming in with the same mindset.

A country cannot withstand an onslaught of this magnitude without some apparatus being employed, put into place, enforcing a law or laws that all those coming in are to be educated into the American Way with English as the primary language.

Those who do not wish to abide by this, feel free to move on to someplace else.

You are not welcome here.  

Note:  For more information on the founding of this country, please check into Hillsdale College and their online courses.      

This country is suffering a meltdown, a breakdown and is morphing away into something unrecognizable.    

Something far from where it started that should be very alarming to anyone who cares about their freedom.

But, isn't this what Obama promised?

The health of a nation is a clear reflection of those whom we elect.        

The horrific realization we are now facing, the sorry reflection that we see staring back at us, is one that was brought on by an ignorant electorate, one who didn't care who or what they voted for but only if the criteria presented happened to meet their very own narrow and personal view of things.

These voters are now ultimately and solely responsible for the breakdown we are witnessing in this country, the total disaster that is Barack Hussein Obama.

A country is founded on principles.

This country was not founded on mob rule and, yet, that is precisely what is being fomented at the highest levels of government.

A tribal mentality (mob rule) that has no place in a free and open society.

This cancerous mentality has taken over the streets of many of our communities:  

>What's yours is mine.

>Destruction of personal property and businesses.

>Injury and death to innocent people.  

>Weapons, anarchy and violence are its trademarks.

These tyrants, these mobs, these lawless roaming bands of thugs have no place in a civilized society.

It does matter that we have so many today who are totally oblivious to and ignorant of why we have a Constitution and the Bill of Rights, why we have rules and laws in place in order to protect not only their well being but all of us.

This is a big part of why we are witnessing all the destruction we see going on today.  

Our schools, for far too long, have gotten away with not doing their job of teaching kids how to read, how to write and learning Math.

American History is not even taught in many schools anymore.

Our colleges and universities are indoctrinating students into Marxist Theology and left wing tactics.

But that's our fault now, isn't it because we haven't stopped it.  

It does matter that we have institutions and governments and those in high places who have had their way for far too long with a covert agenda going back many, many years to slowly transform a nation into something it wasn't meant to be.

A place where good people have been blindsided (lied to) by many candidates running for office, a place where those evildoers that finally made it to the top are now afforded the opportunity to further whittle away at, dismantle and destroy a country, sinking their fangs even deeper into something inherently good, relishing their success as they continue to suck the lifeblood out of a people and a nation.

Who are allowed to continue to run roughshod over everything a country has ever stood for and fought for, led by a president who refuses to abide by the oath of office he took to uphold and protect this nation and its people from all enemies domestic and abroad but who, we are finding out, is even siding with them.

We now have a people, under Obama, who are afraid to leave their homes; a place where police officers are being systematically targeted and murdered; a place where mass murder is taking place on college campuses; a place where anarchists and anarchy are destroying cities and communities, mob rule encouraged by Sharpton, Holder, Jackson, Obama, along with a Baltimore City Mayor); a place where those of faith are singled out and ridiculed; a place where this country's roots in Judeo-Christian Beliefs are being attacked; a place where those who have sacrificed and served this great nation are left to rot and die.  

Evil doers are capable of morphing into many different forms.

Evil  is capable of invading anything at will, if not stopped, dead in its tracks.  

It is present in people and governments, religions and institutions.

It is time that the people in this country who continue to disregard the consequences of their votes along with duty as responsible citizens, who have only been instructed and indoctrinated for years to vote for the one who will give them the most freebies, need not be afforded the opportunity to vote anymore.

We are in serious need of some serious overhaul.

And whether a much needed overhaul is even possible is going to depend a great deal, on who we vote into office the next time.  

It is up to We The People to take our country back.  

We've allowed it t be parceled off to the highest bidder or someone with an axe to grind or a great deal of money to make.  

For eight long years we've willingly watched and allowed a usurper in office and his merry band of henchmen to make mincemeat out of us.

We've watched as Obama has heralded in some very unwelcome, unhealthy and unsavory changes.

And, it's now up to us to turn things around.