Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Joke's on Us

The past and present don't go away.

They are always with us.  

At different times and, especially during critical and crucial times, they manage to intersect.

This is where the world is, at the present time.

We are facing a very dangerous global situation.

We have a delusional leader in the White House and a rebellious Russian President who is precipitating great crisis and catastrophe not only by invading a sovereign country, Ukraine, but now, in Syria where he has gained all the momentum he needed to flex his biceps.

Thumbing his nose at Obama and the rest of the free world, Czar Vladimir Putin is now calling the shots.

The world is drastically different from when I grew up.

One only hopes and prays that the world will learn from its past mistakes.

I don't see that happening.

I see a very dangerous convergence of our past mistakes and our present mistakes coming together.

What should be concerning to all is a President of the United States, under his tutelage for 8 years, managing to undo and unravel all the safeguards that were put in place during 230 years of this country's history.

A President who has managed to destroy everything he's touched.

Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history and be remembered as the President who set in motion a chain of events that very well may lead the entire world into Armageddon.

And who will the Liberal Press blame?

They will keep silent as they are the ones that helped propel this lunatic into office.

They will silently slink away to their rat holes when the heat gets too hot.


I am not a doomsayer, I am not an End of Days fanatic.

I just see, with my own eyes, what is happening in the world today.

Obama and Putin are really rogue brothers.

They are really two of a kind.

They both, in their own way, are contributing to exacerbating the world's problems.

On the one hand we have Putin, openly defiant and undeterred, unswayed by others' opinions and goes about doing exactly what he wants.

Obama, on the other hand is passive and just sits back, watching the carnage unfold, his lack of resolve actually contributing to and enabling Putin to continue to stick his finger in the world's eye, daring Obama do anything about it.

Obama continues to be in never never land, struggling with whether or not he should describe a terrorist who just went out and cut the tips of a young boy's fingers off, before they crucified him, as a terrorist.

In order to have world peace you need to have a leader that demands it and then enforces it.

We have a government in total disarray.  

I know it, maybe some of you know it, but our enemies damn well know it.

Obama is a joke.

The next President of the United States is going to have to be one helluva mean SOB to straighten out the mess Obama has left, if this is even possible.

If you want anything left of this country so you can live in freedom, then please put this at the top of your list when you go out and vote, next time.

Your life and the lives of many others depend on your decision.