Friday, October 16, 2015

What Will it Take?

Where will the human race be in say, fifty years or a hundred or five-hundred?

Would it be helpful it we were able to detect our outcome?  

Do civilizations evolve in blocks of time or over time?

There are millions of other inhabited planets in the universe.

It is ludicrous to believe that earth is the only one.

Yet, it wasn't too long ago that humans believed the earth was flat.    

What I am most curious about is how and why the human race (and other races of beings) came into existence.      

I know we have the biblical accounts and the Big Bang Theory but I don't believe this sums it all up.

There's something more to this tantalizing subject than meets the eye.

I believe that other inhabited planets are at different levels of evolution, just like us.

Some are highly advanced while others lag way behind.

I don't believe those planets convulsing and in distress are left to just wither away and die.

I believe that we're all part of one big celestial family and alien intervention is not just possible but has actually taken place, in our past.

I believe we're being groomed slowly to come to the realization that we are not alone in the universe and this eventuality is going to show up in the not too distant future in a very profound way.

No one on earth will be left wondering, anymore whether our alien neighbors have been regular visitors to this planet.  

Humans are conditioned (and controlled) by many different things in the world; their news, their religions, their wars, their upbringing, their education and by other people.

We are not cattle yet we continue to be treated as such by those in power.

For those who break out of this herd mentality, they are able to meet others who can play critical roles in helping them overcome the challenges they face, introducing them to others who can help and enable them to become  who and what they were meant (or want) to be.

One thing is certain.

We are a very warring group of beings.

It seems that we cannot solve our problems other than by conflict.

This penchant for conflict is, I believe, a glaring marker of just where we are on the rung of the celestial ladder.

And one that is being closely monitored by others.

I mean, who would want a planet to blow itself up either by design or by accident?

No doubt a warring planet and its inhabitants could ultimately affect the well being of other celestial bodies.

There is something inherent in human beings that drive them to do unspeakable things to other human beings.

This may be the result of an experiment of some kind in which the ones conducting it failed miserably.

We may be the end result of something gone horribly wrong in our makeup and there was no way to fix it.

Ultimate solution:  Seeing that nothing could be done (implant, gene splicing, etc.) separate the bad (humans) from the others (good) by depositing them on a young planet and keep a celestial eye on them.

End result and the reason we feel so isolated here on earth in such a miserable state, in a state of constant chaos, a cycle of reaching for the stars but allowing our errant, runaway genes to control our destiny.

When will we really be privy to and able to understand all the details of our history?

Not until we are dead and gone and can look down upon the world we left.

If this is true then there is no hope for us unless you believe in ghosts, or another alien race ready to intervene on our behalf, staving off our ultimate disaster and pointing us home, in the right direction.