Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Rose Petals

Leaves are floating to the ground
Deep rust and yellow, light tan and brown
The scent of fall is in the air
Faint memories from the past, so dear  
There is nothing to fear, My Dear
A hooded figure is seen
It comes and goes and in between
This wraith with hushed and hollow sigh 
Who has come to say goodbye
To all the tattered leaves and sky
A now forgotten, muted reverie
Where green and gold are boiled and steeped
Where a thousand rose petals now lie at my feet
The scent of Juniper now completes
This haunting scene and one replete
With long lost melody of long lost bird 
As it strains its voice to be heard 
Gone is lilting laughter
Along with shrouded view
This to me is the same old display
And is not something all brand new
The mystery of life is all around
It comes and goes, without a sound