Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Time of Our Lives

Do human beings actually, physically move forward through Time as they mature or are they standing still (in a fixed position --unmovable) while Time (something that scientists may one day be able to actually identify as tangible-- something with depth and width, boundaries and substance) stands behind them and is actually the force that propels them forward, through some sort of unseen tunnel, pushing them onward?      

We grow and mature through babyhood, puberty and adolescence, young adult and middle age.  

When we are born, we exit through a birth canal into this world.

But, are we really exiting from one canal (tunnel) and falling headfirst into another?

We are also mindful of those who have had near death experiences in which they later recount entering and moving through a tunnel of some sort with a light at the far end.

What exactly is Time, anyway?

Time marches on.

Time waits for no one.


Time Warps.


Time for Tea.

A waste of Time.

Father Time.

The information waiting to be discovered regarding the hidden, unknown mechanisms of our planet and universe including the Van Allen Belt, ETs, UFOs, planets and exoplanets, constellations, galaxies, star clusters, bendable space, black holes, gamma rays, EMPs, asteroids and comets, is truly unfathomable.

It has been proven that humans have their own energy field.

They also have an aura around them which has been demonstrated through Kirlian Photography, the colors of which can indicate how a person is feeling or whether they may have something physically wrong.

We have all heard of our comfort zone in which most of like to inhabit.

It can be daunting and scary to leave one's comfort zone and head out into the unknown.

Could this comfort zone be an energy field of some sort, surrounding us for the sole purpose of protecting us?

When your radar goes off, you know, that feeling when something is wrong but you just can't put your finger on it, could this be your comfort zone telling you (warning you) to pull your head back in?

Kinda like an alarm system.  

This planet and the species and creatures that inhabit it are worth studying and preserving.

We continue to learn more and more about ourselves but we can also learn much from earth's plant, animal and mineral kingdoms.

There are plants that know when you're approaching and respond by closing up their leaves.

There are insects that give off an odor when you're too close.

There are animals who growl and the hair goes up on the backs of their necks, warning you to keep your distance.

So isn't it Time we make the most of this day?

For, Time is of the Essence.