Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fold, Spindle and Mutilate

Discarded, Garbage, Refuse
Ever feel like running away?  Ever feel like throwing in the bloody towel?  Ever feel like every step you take is two bloody steps backwards?
Ever talk to someone about something important to you and all they do is look the other way, clearly impatient, hoping you'll stop droning on as they could  give a shit, pissed at you because you are taking up their time?  
That's what I'm experiencing this morning.
Okay self, calm down and don't do anything stupid.   In the heat of the moment, in a moment of cerebral blindness and frustration you could retaliate (payback) for their gross ineptness in not hearing you out by opening your big mouth and uttering four letter words that are clearly meant to hurt or maybe you'll choose to do something worse like picking up something to strike them with.  The example I've given is what many of us, adults, kids and teenagers are experiencing today.
Frustration at not being heard, frustration that nobody has the time to hear us or even acknowledge that we're standing in front of them trying to be heard.  We have something important to say and they're not listening.
This problem is growing exponentially worse by leaps and bounds.
Nobody takes the time necessary to listen let alone talk to anybody anymore.
Did you know that there are actually start up businesses that are taking people out for walks, because they/we have lost touch with our surroundings as all of us have our heads constantly buried in our cellphones so they are teaching them to reconnect with others of their kind (you know...humans) and nature by having them look at and acknowledge the trees, wildlife, plants and flowers, the sun, the moon, the sky?
And guess what, they are doing a booming business.
Is it any wonder?
Let's really get down to the grinding truth.
hat and who is a real family on this damned planet anymore? 
Dad is too busy making money, Mom is too pissed off at Dad because Dad doesn't have the time for her anymore (like he did in the past) and she's been saddled with the kids so why should she take on the extra responsibility (his) and do his job, too, of listening to you when she's too busy being pissed off at him?--retaliation. 
Revenge, Vindictiveness, Retaliation, Retribution and it's been growing for years.  Why not throw in an adulterous affair because the husband doesn't satisfy the wife anymore as he's too busy making money and the wife doesn't satisfy the husband anymore because she's too pissed off at the husband.   Now we really have a problem because you guys (kids, teenagers) are in the mix and serve to just heighten all the underlying grievances, emotions anger and resentment as the imprisoned grudges slowly unleash, making their way to the surface where everything boils over on everyone (the good, the bad the ugly) and G-d only knows what will happen next.
If there were ever a time for spiritual strength in one's life, it is now.
This is why I stress the importance of carving out a sacred place for yourself, a special time during the day where you can sit down and think things through, uninterrupted.  Where you can weigh the options...should I say something or keep my mouth shut?  Am I the one at fault and need to apologize?  This quiet time is so you can get a handle on whatever is bothering you or what happened to you before the whole situation spirals out of control.
This is called self-discipline (you could liken it to damage control) and you control, to a great extent, just how your particular situation will end up.  Will there be a few survivors or only casualties?
We all, every one of us,are being pushed and pulled, shoved, bruised, abused, tossed and turned, run over and in some cases, thrown out with the garbage.
Because someone has determined we don't count anymore...our feelings, our wants, our desires, what's important to us.
I'm here to tell you, You Are Not Refuse, You are not Garbage so stand up, wipe off the half eaten pizza and the slimy vegetables and grab the sides of the trash bin with both hands.  Start climbing up and out and start taking charge of your life.   
     No one, NO ONE is going to do this for you but YOU.