Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Brilliant and with Forethought by America's Founders: Why We Have an Electoral College

Are you familiar with The Electoral College and the role it plays in a presidential election?

If not, please look it up and you will find a wealth of information as to how it came about and why.

You will find factual information as well as information from those with a decidedly political bent, maybe a particular dislike or even a hatred for this, one of the Constitution's most brilliant thoughts.   

This is what just occurred during the election of November 8, 2016 and already I'm seeing and reading about how the Electoral College needs to be abolished, blah, blah, blah.

Hopefully the information provided below will show you why The Electoral College is so necessary to our political process, helping keep this country strong and free because there are those who definitely do not want to see a strong America.  

The Electoral College was made part of our Constitution during the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, when America was made up of only thirteen colonies.  Some colonies were more populous like New York and North Carolina, for example, had fewer people to vote.  Therefore, the larger, more populous states would have more "say" in who was elected than the smaller, less populated one.  Along with this, the distance one would have to travel to get from one colony to another would take days.

In addition, the governors of these colonies did not trust any national, centralized government and were, therefore, wary of such,  knowing that any power they did have to govern their own states would be slowly usurped by such a body.   

The Founders were well aware of power being entrusted in the hands of one individual and the problems that would incur.if he decided to use his office to amass more power, forgetting the oath he swore to secure the peoples' liberty and freedom.    

There were several ways the Founders considered in order to rectify this problem:

One was to have Congress select the president but disagreement arose in that members of congress may have an axe to grind, it would encourage interference from foreign powers, lead to corruption and perhaps alter the balance of power between the executive (the Presidency) and the legislative (Congress) branches.

The Judicial Branch is The Supreme Court.  
Another idea was to have the state legislators elect the president but this was rejected also because the Founders felt that the state from which the president came from would erode the foundation of the fragile federation they were attempting to construct.

The third consideration was to elect a president by a  so-called, direct  "popular" vote but this was also rejected because the people in one state would be inclined to vote for their own candidate while ignoring the qualifications of a candidate from another state.    With the result that no one person would emerge with a majority of votes and the more populous states would decide the outcome of the election. 

Instead, a  "Committee of Eleven" was put together in which a president would be voted for in an "indirect" election through a "College of Electors". 

These electors, from each state, would be knowledgeable, unbiased and vote for the candidate worthy of merit, with no regard to political party or state of origin.

This is another example of the brilliance of the document that frames this country and the knowledge and wisdom of the Founders who saw to it that it came into being.

There is a concerted effort underway, by those who wish to see the Electoral College dissolved.

This must not happen.

As without the Electoral College and those informed, knowledgeable and wise enough to know who is best qualified, instead of many who don't have a clue about the candidate they are voting for, this country would be in deep trouble.

Please pass this information on to those who have no idea about this most important time in America's history when things were decided by a group of learned and wise men and the undoing of which would have an enormous and negative affect on us as citizens of a free country.

An eternal State of Vigilance is most required at this time, by all and unlike any other time we've seen before as there are those who would like to see The Electoral College done away with.

They are right now conjuring and scheming behind our backs to see to it that America's agenda and the undeniable message that was sent, the earthquake and tsunami that just occurred on November 8, 2016, proclaiming THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE is overturned.

Eternal Vigilance, by all men and women of good will is required at this time.  
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