Saturday, November 5, 2016

Happy, Happy, Happy

Everyone deserves happiness.   It doesn't matter our age, our gender or where we call home.   

And no one has the right to deprive us of it.    

When you look at a youngster playing with a new puppy, when you see the look on someone's face after a compliment, the look on an elderly person after they receive a visit from a loved one or the look on a stranger's face after someone says, "have a nice day," these are examples of connecting with others and sharing a part of yourself by reaching out in love and friendship.

One of life's little treasures that we all strive for is Happiness.

In this world, there are many who don't even know what Happiness is because it doesn't exist for them.  Whole societies are growing up with no time for anything let alone happiness as they are just trying to survive.

There is so much in this simple humane gesture that can break the chain of misery, provide hope and a pathway toward spiritual and material prosperity in the future. 

Providing assistance, necessary food, clean water, sanitary supplies and schooling is bringing a lot of happiness to communities who have little hope for the future.  With very little money and low living conditions these families work tirelessly tending to their families needs and wants with little hope for the future. 

Organizations such as Children International, Child Fund are available to help those in need by allowing people of good will the opportunity to spread happiness throughout the world.

I receive letters from youngsters across the globe as to how they're doing, they're special interests, how they're doing, their favorite sports and school subjects and how much they appreciate being given an opportunity to grow and prosper, hope and dream for the future.

What do you want out of life?  --Happiness; what do you want for your kids?  --Happiness; what do you want in a marriage?  --Happiness; what do you want for all the people on earth?  --Happiness; what do you want in a job?  --Happiness.

It seems that all of us really do have one thing in common and it is Happiness.

A new year is just around the corner.

I am proclaiming this new year The Year Happiness Touches Every One on This Planet.  

A good time to start sharing Happiness with everyone you know and even those you don't. 

WE are the change the world is waiting for.