Thursday, November 17, 2016

If Trees Could Talk (and they do.....)

Peace To All Of You

The old oak tree I loved had to be taken down.   It nearly broke my heart.  It had to be at least 75 to 100 years old or more.  I hung my kids toys on its branches and used to wrap my arms around it, gently stepping over its humongous roots, hugging it and telling it how much I loved it.

It sheltered people, livestock, wildlife and birds.  It provided shelter and protection during storms and shade during the summer. 

This was a special tree and had a special 'aura' to it.

It may have been an Indian stomping tree, I don't know but I knew it was very, very special.

It's massive trunk and branches are piled in a heap in the middle of a field.


This morning I took my little one out and was standing in the backyard close to the fence when I noticed a leaf (it looked just like one of the leaves on my old oak tree) that happened to be caught in the corner of the fence wire. 

It was easy to see and almost at eye level.  It looked a little out of place so I moved closer to inspect it.  I didn't pay much attention at first but did think it odd that this little leaf was there, all by itself, plastered in between the wire as we were experiencing 40 mph wind gusts.

As I moved closer I noticed a small little opening in the leaf and leaned forward to inspect it further.  

What I saw was a cutout that looked like a heart.  I stood there, amazed, wondering just how it was that this little leaf out of all the gazillions of other leaves blowing all over the place had been caught in the fence, at this exact moment, the only one to catch my attention. 

I will post a picture of it soon. 

I slowly pulled the little leaf out of the wire and showed it to a friend.  I didn't say anything to her about the shape, I just let her look at it.

She handed it back to me and said, without any prompting from me, "It looks like love."

She said exactly what I was thinking. 

I miss that tree and think about it often.  And I believe the tree knew how much I missed it and sent a message.

A message of love ~ "I just wanted you to know that I'm still here and that I miss you, too."

What a wonderful way to start a day.
Update:  11/30/16:  Well I finally found how to post the picture of the leaf with the heart cutout.  Sorry it took so long.  Here it is: