Wednesday, November 30, 2016


What if all that you and I knew and were taught was false?  That everything you ever knew was just a figment of your imagination? That war and poverty, hunger and disease existed (in our minds only) because of a collective thought that kept perpetuating these things as we had, long ago, been conditioned to accept them?  What if our world and everything in it turned out to be one giant illusion; one giant holding cell that was keeping us all imprisoned in ignorance and despair until a future date when we would be released to experience another completely different level of being, existence? That unseen forces, beings, had been tutoring us and coaching us, all along, in small increments over time so that we would be able to digest the information gradually?  They knew the day was fast approaching when we would finally acknowledge that we didn't want anymore of the same ole same ole but something better.

We are standing on the threshold of the greatest event to have ever happened to the human race--a global graduation ceremony as we turn from the darkness of ignorance and error to one of mutual  understanding, compassion, respect and love.

Why not?  --We have Remote Viewers who claim to have seen the future and some of their uncanny predictions have, indeed, come true.  Why not?  --We have people who claim to have seen aliens and been aboard their spaceships and our own government doesn't seem to have any problem mentioning the names of a few ETs, outside visitors who are working alongside them, namely:  J Rod and Valliant Thor.

I am feeling a most profound and sweeping moment of discovery heading our way. Things we've been wrestling with, confusion, uncertainty, jealousy, hatred and dark secrets we don't want anyone  to know about are and will continue to be exposed as our planetary purification process continues to unfold.

Welcome to the Light!