Thursday, November 17, 2016

Spirit Speak

I am moving closer to spirit.  In this deep, dark dimension we're all struggling in, it's like getting bogged down in a peat bog.   And all of us are traveling blind.   

It is only after much soul searching and quite possibly, some type of traumatic experience, an eye-opening revelation, that we are then able to connect with another side of our existence. 

To all of you who are experiencing pain and torment, maybe because of a decision you made or quite possibly you chose to experiment with something you shouldn't have, or you're just plain fed up with getting nowhere, now, NOW is the time to ask for guidance.

Each and every one of you has a spirit guide and, quite possibly, more than one.

Get to know them as they are here to help you as you make your transit here.

Getting to know them is finding a quiet time each day to meditate, to think good thoughts, to say, thank you to those you love and to ask those who are watching over you to make their presence known.

No one is going to show up or come to your aid if you don't ask.

Sometimes the answers don't come, no matter how hard you try.  You keep reading, you keep searching, you keep praying, you keep asking, "what am I doing wrong?"

You're not doing anything wrong.  Wait and have patience.  The answers will come.

Peace to All of You,

~ Nightshade