Sunday, November 27, 2016


Don't be in such a hurry; slow down.  Things will get done in the allotted time but only if you participate.  There are veils upon veils and layers upon layers that mask our path.  We all have a tendency to push too hard, expect too much and then blame ourselves (or others) when things don't go our way.  Understand that there are those who are on infinite watch over us, monitoring our progress as they want us to succeed and are here to help, as each one of us who ascends a little higher will only help the rest struggling to do the same.

This benefits all.      

In order for these Enlightened Ones to come to your aid, you have to invite them first.   They won't come if you're in a state of exasperation and frustration.

Understanding, awareness, insight and inspiration are at your fingertips, just out of your reach, beckoning you, waiting for you, to invite them in.   

You are the one in control of your destiny and ultimately, the final outcome.

It is up to you to whether to seek help or not.  This decision is yours and yours alone.

Once this portal is opened and the connection made, it is up to you to see that these visitors are made most welcome.