Sunday, November 6, 2016


~A circle is closing~ 

I've written of this, before but the feeling is getting even stronger.  Even in the midst of all that I'm seeing, you're seeing, something else is occurring here on Planet Earth, something is coming that will transcend everything we've ever known before.  I'm unsure whether it will be a Revelation of some kind, an event that will open up our eyes as to the Truth of what's really going on around us or a visit from some interplanetary neighbor.  It may even be a declaration from a high official, or a spiritual leader that what has gone on before is no longer viable, of no use to anyone anymore, the message being especially focused to those who are responsible for all we're seeing now, the instigators of carnage, unspeakable brutality and savagery, those who are in the business of fomenting trouble and bringing misery, chaos and death to so many people on this planet. 

I can't give a date.  All I can tell you is that whatever it is, it's drawing near. 

I am a lover of nature.  When I go outside I look at everything around me, the grass, smell the fragrant herbs growing nearby, listen as the wind picks up, stirring the leaves on the trees, a kind of tree chatter as if they were talking to one another, watch the fluffy clouds floating across the sky, listen to the twittering of birds and watch a yellow butterfly saunter by.  I glance east and watch the sun slowly reveal itself in bands of purple, orange, red and gold as it makes its transit higher and higher.

I wonder and marvel at all that is around me and how perfect it is.

Perfection:  The Everything that makes the Whole.

These are extremely trying times. 

Man is not a Perfector of things but an Ransacker of things.  

It is hard to trust anyone or anything anymore because those with a secret agenda to enslave all of humanity have been so good at keeping themselves hidden for years but now they are being illuminated, cast out and into the light.

How despicable, how repugnant, how nauseating are the revelations coming out of who did what to whom, and how far they will go to use people to further their evil ends.

We hear talk of a possible WWII but realize that there is another war going on and it's been going on for thousands of years--a war for the minds, the hearts and the souls of the people who inhabit this planet.

I think we're being called on to choose sides.  It's not hard to understand that the day is coming when we will be asked to pick one over the other. 

Which one will it be?  --Evil (Enslavement) or Liberation?