Friday, September 2, 2016

Earth Changes?

I don't know what's up with t-storms this year but the thunder is much more thunderous with a deep, reverberating width and breadth I've never heard before.

And the lightning is non stop and more violent.  
Yesterday was another good example of a cell that developed quickly in my area.

Its intensity was such that I feared for any animals huddling under trees or caught out in the open along with any hapless human beings.

If you dared go outside to check on anything with all the electricity in the air, you could only be counted in the "Fool" category.

There were two deafening cracks of thunder close to where livestock bedded down and it was clear I would have to go out and check (after it was safe to do so) to see if anyone had been injured or a tree had been struck.  

Luckily, when I did go and check I found everyone accounted for and no damage to trees or anything else.

But it was a miracle.  

My two Pry Pups were wet but excited to see me as I was them.

I don't know if people in the city can sense what I'm sensing...the ferocity, the magnitude of the storms now occurring.

Just look at what happened in Louisiana and now Florida is in the cross hairs of a hurricane; first one in eleven years.  

These changes are subtle because you really don't pay them much mind (at first) until they start getting your attention and occurring on a regular basis, each storm more intense than the last one.

Slowly you're thrust into a different reality--a realization that something has changed; something is different; you know because you're experiencing it and seeing it with your own two eyes.

The storm was so violent yesterday I called the local meteorologist to let him know.

I think they know more about these changes than they're telling.

Flowers that normally bloom once per season (along with some flowering trees) are blooming twice, and in some cases three times where I am.

Deer normally give birth in the spring but more and more we're seeing late spring, early summer, mid summer babies.

Weeds that mature and cause a real headache in the fall are already heading out.  

Birds that normally show up in warmer climates are showing up here along with some strange insects.

The torrential rainfall makes one think they're living in another part of the planet.

The suffocating bind weed and other weeds proliferating in the heat and humidity, completely obliterating gardens and filling up pastures so to such a height that in some cases you even have a hard time walking.
And there's no telling what's lying beneath all this ground cover.

It's like the planet is transitioning, changing, yet we're always the last ones to catch on.

Well, hopefully, maybe, we are.