Friday, September 23, 2016


Don't Take Things at Face Value but Look Beneath
Only 90% of the Human Genome, our DNA (the genetic material of an organism) has been tracked. The other 10% is unknown.  What are the odds that the remaining 10% could contain material that was 'alien' in origin?  -- Something unexpected and extraterrestrial that the scientists didn't think they would find?  How would the world react? Would you agree that man is not the first inhabitant on this planet?  --That earth has been home to many celestial visitors who have made frequent stops here? From the time we're born we're we're taught to believe a certain way, behave a certain way and think a certain way.  We are trained and in some cases, warned, not to go against the 'status quo', not to challenge anything as everything we need to know has all been figured out for us.

Do you think the scientists would tell us what the results of the other 10% were or keep the information to themselves?  I believe it would have much to do with the deep impact on all of us, collectively.  --On our religious institutions and beliefs, world governments, world leaders, the military/industrial complex.

We really wouldn't want anyone to know the Truth of our Existence now, would we?  

It's like peeling back the skin of an onion.  You keep whittling away even though the onion is fighting back, wiping your burning and stinging eyes, until it gives up and its core is finally revealed.