Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Two Moons? --Nah, Are You Nuts?

Last night (September 6, 2016) was just another ordinary night (or so I thought).

No dogs howling, no boogey man prowling around.

Just a beautiful summer night with a gorgeous sky, stars and a moon.
* At approximately 8:57 p.m. I took the dog out in the backyard.

As I'm a moon lover I cast my eyes upward to glimpse this celestial beauty.

I gulped and my breathing almost stopped.

This is the first quarter of the moon's cycle so you will see a crescent in the sky.

But, instead of one crescent I was seeing two.

I stood for a moment in utter disbelief.  I squinted, I looked again, I moved to different locations.

Nothing changed.

This can't be happening.  What the hell am I seeing?

I ran in the house and grabbed my I-Phone.  I came back out and looked at the moon with glasses on, glasses off.

I was still seeing the same exact thing--two crescents with the second one slightly below and to the right of the first one.

But what was most extraordinary of all was the stationary orb in the upper left hand corner (it actually looked like a cutout) of the first crescent.

It was a dark brownish red the color of the sun in the link below:
I called my neighbor but because of the trees she could not confirm what I was seeing.

I posted what I saw last night on a link today that encourages one to describe unusual phenomena.

It wasn't until after I emailed some friends that I received a reply from one of them who pointed me to another link (see link below):
I never knew there was a discussion going on about the possibility of earth having two moons, did you?

And I would really like a plausible (believable) explanation from someone as to what I saw last night.

In no way did this second crescent appear to be any reflection of some sort as it (and the first crescent) were so clear cut and bright.

And there were no clouds obstructing my view.

And what about the orb???

I've viewed the moon hundreds of times and it's always the same ole same ole.

Last night something had changed.
September 7, 2016, 8:57 p.m.

I made a point to go out and look at the moon again; same two crescents but they are closer together; and the same orb.

What I believe I am seeing is the sun shining on the moon from a different angle as I have never seen the moon look like this before.

The pictures I took on the 6th did not reveal two crescents but only one object -the moon.

Like I said before, something has definitely changed.

Go and look for yourself.