Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Life is like riding the bow of a ship.

We're always hoping for calm seas which don't pose a problem.

It's those forty foot waves and gale force winds that are now being forecast.

We could run away and pretend it will just blow over or we could meet the storm head on.

In either case we will reap the results of our decision.

Life is about us--coming to grips with who we are--our weaknesses, where we are strong and, hopefully, learning from the mistakes we make.

Life is a Surprise each and every day.

You never know what Life has in store.

Life can reach out to you when you're unaware or the least bit interested.

Life is Here and Now even though many of us would like to escape it.

Eventually, Life can and will grab you and pull you in.

It can turn our world right side up or upside down.

Our outcomes in life really depend on us.    

We are flesh and blood, creatures of habit, heroes and villains but we do have choices.

At some point you come face to face with it--you suddenly realize you bought a one way ticket on a train that is going nowhere and realize you've got a lot of catching up to do.  

Is a beginning more important than the end?

Well you can't have a beginning without and end and you can't have an end without a beginning.

Life is all about the stuff that makes us tick; our weaknesses, our strengths.

Life continues to push us forward as we frantically grasp for a life jacket.

Are we born with the capacity to hurt others?  

Are we born with compassion?  What about hate, what about love?

Are these part of our DNA or are these things learned?    

Today is a good day to make a decision on what we want to be and where we want to go in Life.

I am reminded of the movie, "The Perfect Storm," with George Clooney.

The creepiest part in the movie is when the captain on the Andrea Gail out of Gloucester, Massachusetts (Clooney) a captain with an ego on steroids, realizes he's unwittingly participated in his own demise.

He's made several decisions but the most costly one, the one to steer his boat toward happier fishing grounds, even though a monstrous hurricane was just forecast, will cost him his life and that of his crew.

As he realizes that it's too late to outrun the hurricane, a young crew member who doesn't wait for the boat to go down, jumps overboard.

He is seen bobbing up and down in the vast ocean like a tiny cork, all the while telling his girlfriend that he will always love her.

The captain watches in horror with a look that frames the stark reality of his brief reign on earth, the moment, the "In Your Face" realization hits that he's going to die yet still maintaining an entrenched stoic look that "I'm still in charge."  --"No, you're not....

He has made all the decisions he will ever make and has used up all his options

His last decision to make more money in spite of the hurricane warning, not only sealed his fate but that of his crew.

Life has caught up with him.

Now it's over.

This captain treated Life with disdain.  

Life is Not a Game --Life is Real and fraught with dangers.

And we all need life jackets if we're going to make it to shore.  

Surprise!  We're all in the same boat; we all have decisions to make--where we want to go; who we want to be with; what we want to do and how we want to do it.

Our decisions will not only chart our own destinies but will, almost certainly, affect others, as well.

Surprise!  Life is not a game--It's an "In Your Face" mystery novel complete with suspense, trauma, drama, excitement, extras, actors and all the embellishments.

You and you alone are the captain of your ship.

It's up to you as to how you want to sail your own boat.

But remember, you have a crew who's also counting on you.