Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September 30, 2016 - The Second of Two New Moons in One Month is called a "Black" Moon

"When each day is sacred, when each hour is sacred, when each instant is sacred, Earth and you, space and you, bearing and sacred through time, you'll reach the fields of Light."  
~Eugene Guillevic, 1907 - 1997~

More and more scientists are beginning to recognize the forces of the moon upon our earth.  A new moon is especially powerful because the earth, the sun and the moon are all in alignment.  

During a full moon and especially a new moon, its gravitational force is believed to have a strong affect on human behaviour (bizarre, out of the ordinary, more accidents, etc.) as witnessed by Doctors, Nursers, ER technicians, EMTs and Paramedics. This could also include animals.  

The moon is also thought to cause an increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

There is much we are still learning about our celestial neighbor.

The term "Black" Moon is an ancient one.  Please visit the link below: