Monday, September 19, 2016

Death Throes

The whole world is convulsing.  From one crisis to another is now commonplace.  Cold, hard, unforgiving reality is a very hard thing to come to grips with especially when it shows up on your doorstep, slapping you full in the face.  Isn't it interesting then that all the bullshitters, the elite, the Know It Alls, can no longer spin their BS as you are now in a great deal of pain.  You now know that what is happening to you is real.  The horrific headlines, the horrific happenings are real because they are happening to you.  Today reality doesn't seem so far away but much more pervasive, much more horrifying and much more closer.   Maybe it's because it's affecting so many of us on this planet as we're now all connected.  Just like a woman giving birth to an infant the uncontrollable contractions are real, the pain is real.   Yet, when all the convulsing is over the new mother is rewarded with the results of her labor, a new little one to love and nurture. Could it be that what we're in is the old giving way to a new paradigm?  That the few who don't want to give up their power over us, their stranglehold on humanity, are becoming desperate and are actually helping to orchestrate the chaos and mayhem, pulling out all the stops?

Today, more than ever all of us need something to believe in and something to hang onto as the craziness we're all witnessing is only going to escalate.

I am concerned for each and every one of you.    

Please, find the time to take account of where you and your families are.  

If you find some chinks in your armor, some things you've been putting off that need to be addressed such as buying some extra food, water, toiletries, paying off some debt or people to contact, etc., then take the time to get this done.    

We have an election coming up and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to imagine that someone or some thing may be willing to pull out all the stops to thwart our ability to exercise a freedom that was hard won by a few, on behalf of the many--our right to vote.

It's time for an in depth, full body assessment, a no holds barred reality check.

      ~~~  Nightshade