Friday, September 30, 2016


What if this Life we're experiencing was just a video game?  Or, maybe a chess game but that seems to me to be too simplistic.  What if we're living out our lives under the watchful eye of someone or something that is constantly monitoring us?  What if our decisions weren't really our decisions at all but someone else's? That our screw ups, our mistakes, our desires, our passions, our very lives were all under a microscope? That we were created, solely, for someone's enjoyment, pleasure and amusement?  Well, what is your reaction when you see a fantastic sci fi movie?  Isn't this how you feel while you're watching it and even after you've watched it?  Maybe the reason we are seeing so much chaos and brutality today is that someone is pulling out all the stops and actively pushing some of us in that direction.  Could it be that some outside force is toying with the human race?  That someone or something is actually keeping score and constantly toying with us, manipulating and sizing us up as to our strengths and weaknesses.  And, keeping notes.  If we happen to stray too much in this direction, we're jerked back.  Stray too much in the other direction, we're given free rein. Crazy?  Picture yourselves getting up in the morning and going to work or school. You grab a cup of coffee, eat a bowl of cereal, glance at your watch, grab your backpack or briefcase and board a school bus or jump in your car. Your whole day unfolds with all its triumphs and setbacks.  Then you're back home doing homework or relaxing in your favorite easy chair.  All the while, unbeknownst to you, your every step, your every thought, your every move during the day was being tracked.  Come to think of it, isn't that what is happening today?  We now have cars that can talk to us.  Some cars are only equipped with a Start Car button (no need for a key anymore) so what the heck is the key for?  Is this crazy or what???  Cars are now equipped to keep track of how you drive as well as how many miles you drive.  There is talk that robots will replace human workers.  We have remote controlled drones and remote controlled television.  We have cameras, watching our every move on earth and overhead satellites that reportedly can read the wording on a golf ball from hundreds of miles up.  We have the NSA, the CIA, the FBI (who knows who else???) and tech giants spying on us, keeping track of what we post, who our friends are, the sites we visit, how we vote and what we read.  It's getting to the point (if you read what's taking place on college campuses) even what we think.

A big push is on for AI (Artificial Intelligence).  We can now communicate with our frig while at the supermarket, through our cell phones, to check what's inside in case we leave our grocery list at home.

Have you ever wondered why your computer monitor is called a monitor?

One definition of monitor (The Free Dictionary): To keep track of systematically with a view to collecting information.  Did you know that there is an effort underway to enable monitors to watch you while you're watching them?  

So why is it too crazy to pose a theory that we're just stuck in a movie  that has no beginning and no end but is constantly playing, world wide?  

We actors are being groomed and tweaked to deliver more action, be more passionate, or engage in terror and brutality.  

Could it be that we're all unwitting actors who had no decision in our roles but were already cast as either villains or heroes in the biggest sci fi blockbuster of all time?

And up until now we didn't have a clue.