Thursday, September 8, 2016

Something Beautiful This Way Comes

I have an angel in my house, today.  

I can feel her, I can sense her.  I can see her.

She is moving from room to room, a soft whisper as her gossamer garment billows out behind her, flowing like gentle waves on an ocean.  

She is moving from room to room.    

She is here for a reason (a Blessing):

Her message is this:        

     *Write down your expectations, your dreams, your wishes, your hopes on a piece of paper and tuck them inside an envelope and leave them in a special place.  

     *If you've been troubled by anything or you have any addictions you've been dealing with, write them down, also.

Do it now.  

     *Miracles are all around us it's just that we're too busy to see them let alone acknowledge them.

Say a prayer as you fold up your wishes and put them in your special place.    

Do not be afraid but be full of Hope.

Hope is what gets all of us through tough times.

Without Hope the World would be lost.

Remember, We are the World.